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U.S. Small Businesses Face Challenges Repaying Delinquent Covid Loans

Updated: Apr 15

  1. Time's Ticking for Covid Loan Repayment: The Small Business Administration (SBA) is pursuing up to $20 billion in delinquent Covid disaster loans, affecting about a million small businesses and nonprofits.

  2. Loan Challenges Continue: The SBA has referred loans with balances under $100,000 to the Treasury for collection. Loans over $100,000 have already been sent.

  3. Understanding Loan Defaults: Around 20% of the $390 billion Covid loan portfolio has been charged off, including Treasury referrals and other factors like fraud or bankruptcy.

  4. Facing Financial Hardship: Borrowers can avoid collection by requesting hardship assistance, but challenges persist due to various factors including fraud, weak finances, and unclear communication.

  5. Real-Life Struggles: Stories like Mitra Ryndak's, who faced eviction despite loan usage for back taxes and wages, highlight the difficulties borrowers face.

  6. Payment Flexibility: The SBA offers options like deferring payments and hardship plans, but ultimately, borrowers are responsible for repayment, unlike forgivable PPP loans.

  7. Seeking Relief: Some borrowers like are applying for hardship reductions, but the process remains burdensome for many struggling businesses.

  8. Navigating Solutions: The SBA is reassessing its programs to support small businesses and is open to individual arrangements, but broader forgiveness programs require congressional action.

U.S. seeks to collect $20 billion in delinquent COVID loans
COVID Hit Small Businesses Particularly Hard

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Reference: "U.S. Seeks to Collect On Up To $20 Billion In Delinquent COVID Loans", Ruth Simon, The Wall Street Journal, March 7, 2024

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