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IRS Collection & Appeals Representation Services 

Navigating tax controversy cases is akin to a battle of perception. Knowing what to say and how to say it can make all the difference in managing the IRS's perception of a taxpayer. At Sullivan Consulting, we understand the power of perception and excel in crafting the right narrative for your case.

Meet Mark, an expert in dealing with the Internal Revenue Service and State taxing authorities. He brings decades of hands-on experience to the forefront. In the world of tax controversy, there is no universal handbook, as each case is a unique puzzle with distinct facts and circumstances. Sullivan Consulting specializes in pinpointing case-specific solutions and is committed to helping you exercise your rights and find a no-bankruptcy solution to any tax problem.

Our services cover a wide range of tax controversy issues, including:

  • Unpaid Income or Employment Tax Liabilities

  • Delinquent Tax Returns

  • Statutory Civil Penalty Appeals

  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Issues

  • Notice of Federal Tax Lien Filing

  • Collection Due Process & Equivalency Hearing

  • Levy, Seizure and Sale

  • Innocent Spouse, Separation of Liability & Equitable Relief Claims


By choosing Sullivan Consulting, you're choosing a trusted partner with a deep understanding of tax controversy intricacies. We're here to protect your financial well-being, guide you through the complexities, and ensure that the IRS sees your case in the most favorable light.

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