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IRS Audit & ERC Voluntary Disclosure Program

An IRS audit can be an intimidating and complex process. If you or your business face an IRS audit, we can bring to bear years of experience in dealing with tax controversy matters and IRS audit procedures to ensure that you are properly represented when dealing with the IRS and other tax authorities.

Employee Retention Credit claims: The next wave of audit enforcement.

How Mark Sullivan Consulting Adds Value to Your ERC Journey:

  1. Strategic Application Process:

    • Mark's team ensures a seamless application process, maximizing your chances of acceptance into the program.

    • Leverage their expertise to compile essential information, including details about advisors and tax preparers, streamlining your participation.

  2. Optimizing Repayment Strategies:

    • Mark Sullivan Consulting assists in optimizing your repayment strategy, ensuring you only pay 80% of the claimed ERC.

    • Explore options for installment agreements under specific conditions, tailored to your financial capabilities.

  3. Transparent Communication:

    • Clear and concise communication is the hallmark of Mark Sullivan Consulting.

    • Stay informed at every step, with Mark's team providing updates, answering questions, and ensuring your peace of mind throughout the process.

  4. Post-Approval Guidance:

    • Once approved, Mark's team guides you through the post-approval steps, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free repayment process.

    • Benefit from their insights on using the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) for efficient and secure transactions.


Misinformation about the Employee Retention Credit is all over radio, TV, social media and the internet. These scammers lure taxpayers with promises of fast money, an "easy application process" and lie about eligibility in exchange for sizeable fees. Unfortunately, unwitting taxpayers selected for audit will learn the time spent filing an ERC will pale in comparison to assembling documentation to substantiate eligibility for the claim.

Examination issues may include:

  • Individual Income Taxes

  • Corporate Income Taxes

  • Employment Taxes

  • Employee Retention Credit Claims

  • U.S. Citizens Living Abroad

  • Foreign Bank Account Reporting

  • Corporate Transparency Act - FinCen

  • Special Enforcement Program Audits

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