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Transportation Per Diem Consulting

Mark had nearly two decades of experience advising trucking companies on administration and auditing of accountable per diem programs. Any trucking company that is considering implementing or modifying a driver per diem program needs to carefully review the IRS guidelines.


Mark was responsible for defining the Per Diem Plus mobile-enabled platform software logic rules that automatically calculates trucker per diem in accordance with IRS regulations. He also previously served as the consulting per diem tax expert for Omnitracs.

The hiring of 87,000 new IRS agents forewarns a new era of heightened per diem auditing and enforcement for motor carriers large and small. Travel expenses have always been a top issue in individual and corporate income tax audits, therefore, prudence demands fleet managers familiarize themselves with the transportation per diem regulations and review accounting policies and procedures to ensure their per diem program is IRS-compliant.

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