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IRS Collection & Appeals Representation Services 

Mark Sullivan Consulting specializes in tax resolution and controversy services, adeptly handling disputes with the IRS to achieve favorable outcomes for clients. With decades of experience, the firm navigates the complexities of federal tax controversies, offering expert representation in collections, audits, appeals, and negotiations. Their services include comprehensive case analysis, strategic planning, and effective communication with tax authorities, aimed at reducing penalties and resolving tax issues efficiently. Clients benefit from the firm’s deep understanding of tax laws and regulations, ensuring thorough and reliable support in even the most challenging situations.

Our services cover a wide range of tax controversy issues, including:

  • Unpaid Income or Employment Tax Liabilities

  • Delinquent Tax Returns

  • Statutory Civil Penalty Appeals

  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Issues

  • Notice of Federal Tax Lien Filing

  • Collection Due Process & Equivalency Hearing

  • Levy, Seizure and Sale

  • Innocent Spouse, Separation of Liability & Equitable Relief Claims

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